Our Team

Serenegy Dog Treats Team Photo

Back Left to Right: Norma Randall, Amy Randall, Paul White, Robert Thomas
Left to Right: Lady, Abby, Carla Thomas, Quinn


DVM, MS, Diplomate, ACVD
Amy received her doctorate of veterinary medicine from North Carolina State University, completed a two-year internship in veterinary medicine and surgery at Mississippi State University before performing her residency and completing a Masters Degree at Ohio State University specializing in dermatology.  She is board-certified by the American College of Veterinary Dermatology and an active member of the American Academy of Veterinary Dermatology and the American College of Veterinary Dermatology.  Currently, she works in Beaverton, Oregon at Animal Allergy and Ear Clinic.

BS, Biochemistry
After graduating from North Carolina State University, Carla worked in virology at NCSU before accepting a biotechnology position at Novartis.  In 2004 the two sisters collaborated on the list of safe foods available to make allergen free treats. Using only a few all natural ingredients, Carla created the recipes for the first Serenegy® dog treats.  Dr. Randall's furry clients tested their palatability and Serenegy® became a reality. Carla continues to develop new treats, the graphics designs for the products and marketing materials, manage the books, oversee website developments, review laboratory results, and helps with production and customer service.


Paul White has been handling customer service and dog treat production at Serenegy, LLC since 2007.  He is an alma mater of The Ohio State University with a background in statistics.  His great organizational skills and attention to detail has made him an invaluable employee and honorary family member.  His charismatic personality gives Serenegy’s® customer service its exceptionally friendly quality.

Zachary Vaughn has been baking Serenegy® treats since the opening of its bakery in 2013. He is a very reliable, efficient and energetic baker.  His attention to detail and desire for perfection keeps Serenegy® treats very consistent even though they are handmade.  Zach’s interest in physical fitness allow him to stay in great shape which helps when moving around 50 pound bags of flour.

Norma Randall is the mother of Dr. Amy Randall and Carla Thomas, the founders of Serenegy®.  She has been a part of Serenegy’s® manual labor from the beginning. She has done everything from baking treats and bagging them to shipping them to clients.  Serenegy® would not have been able to survive all its moves and changes without her dedication to the company.


Robert Thomas has been eating Serenegy® Hopping Oat treats since he was a toddler.  He often had his two dogs following closely behind him while he roamed the house crinkling the oat treat bag.  It is a good thing Robert lives across the country from the bakery, otherwise Hopping Oat treats might be hard to come by.

Abby Thomas is the dog on the Potato Pleaser dog treat bag.  She was adopted by the Thomas’s after her previous owners passed away.  She is a very loving and laid back dog unless she a squirrel crosses her path.  Abby poses well for the camera so you will see her in several Serenegy® dog treat Facebook pictures.  

Quinn Randall has been eating Serenegy® treats since his adoption by Dr. Randall in 2016.  Quinn is a very picky eater.  He won’t eat French fries or baked potatoes, but he never refuses any Serenegy® dog treat.  Whenever Robert is visiting, the two of them love to play fetch, but Potato Pleasers are the only treats Quinn can get because Robert won’t usually share the Hopping Oat treats.  

Lady Randall, Norma Randall’s dog, was adopted from Burke County Friends for Animals.  She is the dog on the Hopping Oat WrapIt pill wrap mix.  She is energetic and always ready to snuggle, go for a ride or chase balls.  Lady was diagnosed with chicken allergies by Dr. Randall.  She is very happy she no longer gets ear infections or itchy skin since changing her diet which of course includes Serenegy® dog treats.